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Web Developer + Market Insights Analyst + Digital Marketing Strategist
Market Insights
Web Development
Digital Marketing

Our market, customer and competitive insights inform your strategy. Over 15 years of market intelligence insights and business research for fast growing, profitable clients. Offering business research experience honed as a tech industry analyst at Gartner Group and market insights manager at Deloitte.
Web development experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Handlebars.js, WordPress and other web technologies.
We advise, plan and execute integrated digital marketing strategies for clients combining social media, SEM, SEO, and analytics. Experienced content strategists including blogs, thought leadership, and white papers built on industry, competitive and market analyses.

  • Market landscape. Customer personas. Competitive analysis.

  • Apply market, customer and competitive insights to building high performance websites and apps.

  • Digital and social media strategies and tactics that drive traffic, increase sales, and analyze customer engagement.

James Smith

Web Developer with Market Insights and Digital Marketing experience.

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